Welcome to Plotterflut @ DiVOC Reboot to Respawn.


1. Make visual connection to the plotter
2. Plot
Click into the grid below to plot a pixel. You can choose different "intensities" and "home" the plotter. For more fun, see below.

More fun -> use the API

The drawing area is divided into 104x69 squares, you can fill each square with a given intensity between 0 and 7, using the following URL:
Send your data as a GET-request with the following arguments: "x", "y", "intensity". Example: curl https://team-tfm.com/plotterflut/api?x=5&y=3&intensity=2

There is also an endpoint which returns all already drawn fields: https://team-tfm.com/plotterflut/data
Sourcecode and code examples on github

Find the hidden feature to block empty fields. UTSL!
For questions/support, and in case of fire, you can reach me on DECT 6456 (nilo).